Conversation Jar Questions

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question jar

sample gift jar (jar not included)

The Conversation Jar provides an excellent way to stay connected with your family and friends.   You’ll ask each other thought provoking questions simply by reading the card you pull out.   Using the Conversation Jar makes staying connected fun and easy.


Children through Adult Questions

Any age group can answer these questions.  The questions are simple enough for children under the age of 12.   


Teens  through Adults Questions

Many of these questions require more knowledge and life experience than the questions for children.   Some of these questions are the same as what you will find in the children’s version.


Each set contains 270 questions plus 30 blanks on which you may write your own questions and add them to your jar.

You will have access to your questions quickly as they will be delivered to you via email in both Word and PDF format. You’ll print them out, cut them up and they are ready for use immediately!


The conversation jar is great for gifts, so print out multiple sets of the questions. Drop the questions in an empty cookie jar or decorate a unique jar or tin for family, friends, and neighbors.


Use your questions at the dinner table, campouts, family gatherings and reunions.  They make a perfect conversation starter.

Start today and engage yourself in a conversation with your family and friends.  You will really get to know some fun facts about the people you love!



Questions Choice


Tip: Printing these on card stock makes the gift/game look very nice!

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